HSUWA is a specialised union of health workers in Western Australia.

We are a growing union, organising and campaigning for better pay and conditions and careers for our members.

Our Vision

A trusted and influential union of Western Australian health workers, collectively achieving stronger, fairer work conditions and a better health system.

Our Purpose

To empower our members to advance their collective interests through organising, support, advocacy and influence.

Our Values

Care - Caring is central to our identity.

We advocate for improvements to our health system, to make it more sustainable and keep it universal and safe.

Empowerment - We empower workers to be union

We support members to gain knowledge, speak up, campaign and take action. 

Excellence - We seek to excel in our performance

We are progressive in our approach to change and focus on ongoing education and innovation.

Integrity - We act with integrity and are accountable for our performance

We strive to ensure our members are treated fairly and their working lives get better. 

Unity - We are stronger when we are united.

We are a powerful force when we work together, and our diversity makes us stronger.

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Union Officials and Staff

Secretary – Naomi McCrae

Assistant Secretary – Adrian Barrett

Richard Barlow, Lead Organiser

Alex Biddle, Communications Officer

Mark Bydder, Organiser

Kathleen Callison, Reception / Admin Assistant

Katie D’Souza, Membership Officer

Karen Heal, Enquiries/Industrial Officer

Tim Jager, Organiser

Naomi Kefford, Lead Industrial Officer

Michael Lee, Industrial Officer

Vickie McKay, Organiser

Pam Marcano, Industrial Officer

Cheryl Potkura, Business Manager

Katrina Robertson, Organiser

Stephanie Smith, Enquiries Officer 

Charlie Studsor, Industrial Officer

Carla Swiderski, Organiser

Kate Tribble, Organiser

Neru Tuiavii, Internal Organiser

Melissa Wagner, Senior Organiser

Jason Walters, Private Sector Co-ordinator


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