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S.A.F.E.Mental Health Services for WA

We are campaigning for S.A.F.E Mental Health Services for WA. We know that access to mental health services impacts all Western Australians.  Across hospitals, community health services, disability services, and aged care, there needs to be an immediate focus on addressing mental health funding failures.  With S.A.F.E Mental Health Services, we are here to fight for better working lives for all members. Sign-up today to support our call to provide safe workplaces for mental health workers and better services for WA's community.

S.A.F.E Mental Health Services for WA stands for: 

  • Sustainable and integrated with other services
  • Accessible in communities and hospitals
  • Fully Funded in line with the WA Mental Health Plan
  • Excellent workplaces and care for the people of WA 

Ahead of the state election, we are calling on the State Government to commit to:

  1. Provide urgent additional resources to Children and Adolescent Health Services (CAMHS) 
  2. Fully fund and implement the WA Mental Health Plan by 2025.
  3. Commission and fund research to establish safe and sustainable caseloads for mental health workers.

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Union Agreement

The pay and conditions of over 18,000 health workers, who together make up 35% of the more than 50,000 public sector workers across the WA health system, are covered by the HSUWA Union Agreement. Our members’ work is integral to the functioning of the WA health system. See our jobs list to indicate the huge variety of work our members do by clicking here.

Only by the HSUWA negotiated Union Agreement that public sector health workers, under our coverage, can together achieve better pay and improved employment conditions.

We seek to do better and grow bigger and stronger. Through strong union membership, we can exert more significant influence and progress of meaningful change.

If you have a friend or colleague who is not a member, talk to them about why working together collectively means we can win better outcomes. 

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The Public Good

The HSUWA is part of a national campaign highlighting the positive role that public sector workers play in the lives of Western Australians. The public sector workforce is dynamic, flexible and responsive to ever-changing circumstances in WA. They sometimes receive thanks from the government, but they deserve more than that for their contribution.

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