Private Sector Bargaining

Enterprise Agreements for the Private Health Sector

The Health Services Union of WA works with members across the Private Health Sector to negotiate Enterprise Agreements that improve your pay and working conditions above the minimum award pay and conditions. 


What changes to conditions could we ask for?

Conditions may be slightly different for each Private Sector workplace, but some you may wish to improve could include: 

  • Pay
  • Allowances
  • Hours of Work
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Leave Entitlements 

Whilst the Public Sector operates differently to the Private Sector, we would always encourage Private Sector members to read the Union Agreement 2020 that applies to HSUWA public sector members, to gain an understanding of pay and conditions available in the public health system – that can often act as an industry benchmark.


How do we commence a collective bargaining process?

Many workplaces have existing Enterprise Agreements that need to be renegotiated every three years or so, once the nominal expiry date is reached, but there are also many sites that do not have a collective agreement yet in place.

It’s really a question of how many employees want to work together to negotiate better working conditions and pay! Solidarity is key.

Reach out to the HSUWA and encourage your colleagues to join their union. We can guide you on how many people it will take to influence your employer to renegotiate or undertake the bargaining process.

If you are taking the lead on this process for your workplace, we’d encourage you to find out about becoming a Union Representative by calling 9328 5155 or emailing


How do I find out what’s involved?

Contact the HSUWA and we can provide you some more information and provide guidance.

Ph: (08) 9328 5155


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