Changes to Workers’ Compensation – Real Protections for Health Workers

Friday 29 May 2020

This week your union joined with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the United Workers Union (UWU) to ask our State Government for a change to the workers’ compensation laws to better protect health workers in the case they contract COVID-19.

Your union raised this issue with both the Health Minister and Director General of Health at the very beginning of the pandemic.

While fortunately the risks are not as acute right now, they are clearly ongoing. As we made no progress asking as one voice, we talked to our fellow health unions about asking government for the change as a collective.

The two unions representing the doctors (AMA), enrolled nurses and health support workers (UWU) were receptive and together the three unions put our position to the Minister Bill Johnston whose portfolio includes workers’ compensation this week. See our joint letter and press release here.

We need health workers secure in the knowledge that if they become ill with COVID-19 that they don’t have to prove it was from their job before accessing assistance.

This is a step that will save time and stress and it is a simple reform to make.

A big thank you to our President Cheryl Hamill (Librarian and Head of Department, Library & Information Service Fiona Stanley Hospital) and our Committee of Management member Cassie Reading (Senior Occupational Therapist, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital), for their part in presenting the letter to the Minister at State Parliament this week.

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