Increased Testing Announced

Friday 17 Apr 2020

From today, patients with a GP referral can be tested at 12 private pathology collection centres across the Metropolitan area that are in addition to the COVID clinics.

Clinipath, Western Diagnostics and Australian Clinical Labs have dedicated these collection centres for COVID-19 testing. 

The expansion of the testing service means people will have more options close to where they live. This is a pre-emptive measure to ensure the availability of facilities and prompt diagnosis can occur as winter and the influenza season approaches. 

People who meet the testing criteria can now either present at a COVID clinic or visit their GP to get a referral to one of the private pathology collection centres. People can also get a referral through a GP telehealth consultation.

WA is behind most other states when it comes to the level of testing on a per capita basis.

For a comprehensive summary, see the ABC News site here

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