Private Hospital Update: Elective Surgery to be resumed in WA

Tuesday 21 Apr 2020

WA Health Minister Roger Cook has announced restrictions on serious elective surgery will be lifted after ANZAC Day, following a meeting with the National Cabinet.

Mr Cook said the elective surgery priorities in WA would include patients who have had their surgery cancelled as a result of COVID-19 and more serious procedures classified as category two. "We will also prioritise according to the nationally agreed lists of the following procedures, which include paediatrics, endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures and other category twos — breast screening and some dentistry," he said.

This gradual restart is a positive step for our health system, but it comes with added risk to health workers.

For this to work, every single health worker needs adequate access to personal protective equipment (PPE).

We still need far greater transparency about how our current PPE will be managed and more secured.


Further information - WA Today.


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