Public Sector Update

Friday 17 Apr 2020

As you would be aware, the State Government is on its way to organising a further 200 ICU beds and the staff and equipment needed for them, in addition to the 152 beds currently in the system (Metro area). We understand the overall target is for 621 beds. There has been more information provided this week about the planning and progress.

At the recent meeting with the Health Minister Roger Cook we raised communication and consultation from the Department and the HSPs as the most important area needing improvement. Particularly in relation to safety concerns and PPE (including working from home).

Some progress has been made and better information is flowing out of the Director General’s office particularly about how our health system is preparing and changing. The more regular briefings are now providing information for union’s specifically.

Attached are the most recent information sheets provided by the Department. Please note a new information sheet is expected soon. (Union Update #2) / (Union Update #3)

While the new structure announced will hopefully lead to further improvements in communication and consultation, we are aware that at a local level there are still many problems. We continue to work through these with members. 

The revised governance structure brings together and streamlines the existing Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC), State Health Incident Coordination Centre (SHICC) and COVID planning streams.  Liz McLeod is the new Chief Executive COVID-19 Health Operations within the SHICC.

Attached is an update to Circular#6 for leave entitlements for public sector workers. (Circular-6/2020)

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