Union Update 2021 #10 Masks and Leave

Friday 05 Feb 2021

PPE (Masks)

Masks are mandatory both inside and outside all WA Health facilities for all staff. WA Health will supply masks for use at work for all staff. All staff must replace their mask when it becomes damaged, wet or soiled. 

Consistent with the WA Health Guidance on Mask use in Public Hospitals in Lockdown which has been released today, staff working in clinical areas with direct patient contact must replace their masks no less frequently than four hourly.

Staff in non-clinical areas may wear their own reusable face masks if preferred or a surgical mask supplied by the hospital.

The Fit Testing Program for particulate filter respirators (masks) has and will continue during the lockdown and continues to be a priority for WA Health.


Revised Circular 6 

Please find the revised Circular 6 here.

See particularly paragraph 3.1, the effect of which is:  

  • Effectively now anyone who needs a COVID test will be granted COVID leave from the time they present at the testing facility to when they receive results of the test (unless they can WFH while awaiting results).
  • Previously, our members were being rejected for COVID leave for the time prior to taking the test. This cures that anomaly somewhat.
  • It also means that they will get COVID leave for testing regardless of if they have exhausted their existing 20 COVID leave days.


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