Union Update 2021 #7 Pay and Leave

Thursday 04 Feb 2021

Public Health Workers: Pay and Leave

HSUWA has been strongly advocating that due to the lockdown's swiftness and short strict nature, all public sector health workers should be paid this week as normal, rather than navigate the existing special rules for work under COVID-19 released last year in the public sector, under Circular No. 6 and  Circular No. 7.

This was absolutely necessary also because of school closures, the direction to work from home and common sense management of risks.

We are pleased to report that this was agreed to by the government yesterday on Tuesday with the release of the new circular.

This means that all the myriad of arrangements under Circular 6 and 7 for accessing leave and COVID Leave (for isolating and testing for example) will not apply this week. This is retrospective and included Monday 1 February 2021. It also means health workers who need to care for children will be paid without having to access forms of leave.

This position was advocated with other public sector unions and Unions WA once the lockdown was announced.

This is a positive outcome for members, providing the certainty we were calling for.

Health workers have earned the trust of government in their professional response to the pandemic from day 1 and this is an important and appropriate response.

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