Union Update 2021 #9 Working From Home

Thursday 04 Feb 2021

Public Health Workers: Working From Home

At the start of the week, all employees across WA Health were declared by their employers to be essential and attend their workplace in person. This is contrary to the public health advice and direction of the Director-General of Health to work from home if you can. Some workers, especially those not in frontline clinical roles could be working from home and are being delayed or prevented from doing so by their employers. We are assisting all members who have contacted us directly. This is unacceptable and unnecessarily leading to stress and confusion.

We have written to the Director-General repeatedly over recent days and raised it directly with his office and the Minister’s office and Public Sector Labour Relations. Further work continues. Our correspondence of today is here.

We continue to call on all employers to follow the public health advice and allow health workers who can work from home, to do so – and support managers in encouraging this without further delay.

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