Workers’ rights under COVID: Important Notice

Friday 17 Apr 2020

Under the cover of the COVID-19 pandemic, some hard won worker rights are under attack.

See ACTU Secretary Sally McManus’s video message here about the push from employer groups for more changes to undermine rights.

The changes are already coming quickly. For those members under federal enterprise agreements there was a new announcement yesterday.

The Morrison Government announced that it would be giving employers the power to potentially undercut your rights at work by changing the Fair Work Regulations.

Employers will be able to give you just 24 hours’ notice before having a vote to change the terms of your Enterprise Agreement.

This is a terrible announcement, because we know that these changes will be used by employers to cut wages and conditions in the workplace.

If you are under an Enterprise Agreement and you get a whiff in your workplace of your employer wanting to change your rights at work, get in contact with us as soon as possible.

If in doubt and you have no time, vote No to any changes. Spread the word. Standing together, we are stronger.

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