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General Information

Please get your information from credible and accurate sources. As things change quickly, we recommend checking the links below regularly.

Government and Health

Important Links for Health Workers 

Worker Information and Rights

As events evolve, each employer in the public sector (including all the Health Service Providers or HSPs) and the private sector (including the large private hospitals) provide particular information to staff - usually through intranets or email.

If HSUWA members have any concerns, including whether to attend work, or would like to find out more about rights and entitlements in the public or private health sectors, feel free to contact us via email or call (08) 9328 5155 during office hours.

How does WA track?


Vaccination and Access Requirements

The national rollout commenced on 22 February 2021.

HSUWA position: The HSUWA acknowledges that safe and effective vaccinations will build community immunity and protect all Australians' health as well as our society and economy. The COVID-19 vaccine should be free and accessible to all Australians. 

The State and Federal Governments, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia’s independent medicines regulator) and the relevant stakeholders must be fully transparent regarding any COVID-19 vaccine distributed in Australia.

As the roll out continues into 2022, refer to information from credible sources.

Access Requirements

The WA Government has introduced public health orders across most industries. Workers across the Health sector are subject to public health directions requiring vaccination as a condition of access to workplaces. This includes workers in hospitals and health services, aged care, community services, primary care and private practices.

The three key heath sector directions are:

Below are further details about the Health Worker Directions.

Please note this table is for high level reference only and does not include the details set out the directions.

Health care facilityHealth care workersHealth support workers
Tier 1

1 Oct 2021 – first dose

1 Nov 2021 - fully vaccinated

1 Oct 2021 – first dose

1 Nov 2021 - fully vaccinated

Tier 2

1 Nov 2021 – first dose

1 Dec 2021 - fully vaccinated

1 Dec 2021 – first dose

1 Jan 2022 - fully vaccinated

Tier 3

1 Dec 2021 – first dose

1 Jan 2022 - fully vaccinated


1 Dec 2021 – first dose

1 Jan 2022 - fully vaccinated



Health care workers:

  • All those who provide health, medial, nursing, pathology, pharmaceutical, social work, or allied health services at a health care facility in any capacity.
  • Assistants in nursing, orderlies, or hospital service assistants.
  • Students on placement.
  • Ambulance officers.

 Health support workers:

  • Those who provide goods or services at a health care facility paid or unpaid.

Health care facility:

Tier 1: ICU, high dependency units, respiratory wards, EDs, covid clinics (testing and vaccination).

Tier 2: all hospitals both public and private.

Tier 3: all public health service facility premises including where contracted health entities provide public health services, any premises of the Department of Health or a public Health Service Provider.


Mandatory Booster Vaccination

The State Government of Western Australia has introduced COVID-19 Mandatory Booster Vaccination Guidelines. You can find more information and resources via the links below.

COVID-19 Mandatory Booster Vaccination - Guidelines

Booster Vaccination (Restrictions on Access) Directions

COVID-19 Mandatory Booster Vaccination Policy

Below is a table outlining the deadlines for COVID-19 boosters.

Please note this table is for high level reference only and does not include the details set out the directions.

CategoryDate of COVID-19 vaccination second doseBooster deadlineAccess restrictions commence
1A, 1B, 2AOn or before 4 September 20214 February 20225 February 2022
2B5 September 2021 - 30 September 2021

4 February 2022 - 28 February 2022

(4+1 months after second dose)

5 February 2022 - 1 March 2022
3A1 October 2021 - 31 October 202128 February 20221 March 2022
3BOn or after 1 November 2021

On or after 28 February 2022

(3 + 1 months after second dose)

On or after 1 March 2022

Note: all dates are inclusive

Definition of a month 

Month has the same meaning as a calendar month, as defined by s 62 of the Interpretations Act 1984 (WA). For example: 

  • A month beginning on 15 January ends on 14 February and a month beginning on 30 or 31 January ends on 28 February (or 29 February in a leap year). 
  • A period of six months beginning on 15 August ends on 14 February and a period of six months beginning on 30 or 31 August ends on 28 February (or 29 February in a leap year). 




Workplace safety is the priority of the Union.

Employers are required by law to maintain safe and healthy workplaces. In addition to the vaccine, access to PPE, proper training and safe systems of work are vital for Health Workers.

Immediate concerns about health and safety should be raised in the workplace and if you need any advice or assistance - call the union.

A series of National Guidelines have been developed in consultation with the Communicable Diseases Network Australia and endorsed by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee. The documents summarise recommendations for infection control, case, and contact management. You can access these here.

In addition to workplace measures, practicing general public health measures remains essential.

Please remember to:

  • Wear a mask as advised.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue and then dispose of tissues and wash your hands, or cough and sneeze into your elbow if a tissue is not available.
  • Comply with contact tracing, testing, isolation and social distancing requirements.

If members  need advice about workplace safety, please email or call us if urgent on 9328 5155.

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