Vaccination Rollout

The national rollout of the first 1.4 million doses under phase 1a will commence on 22 February 2021. Aged care and disability care staff and frontline health care subgroups, will be part of the priory cohorts under 1a. The majority of health workers are part of phase 1b. 

The HSUWA acknowledges that safe and effective vaccinations will build community immunity and protect all Australians' social, economic and health wellbeing. The COVID-19 vaccine should be free and accessible to all Australians. 

We strongly believe that the State and Federal Governments, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (Australia’s independent medicines regulator) and the relevant stakeholders should be fully transparent regarding any COVID-19 vaccine distributed in Australia.

Based on the best available health and scientific evidence, all health professionals and health and social care workers who are able should be immunised to ensure an effective public health response to the COVID-19 crisis.

HSUWA considers that to support the development and equitable rollout of safe and effective vaccines:

  • The government should work with unions and other civil society groups to build public trust and support to ensure high vaccination rates are achieved.
  • Evidence-based information about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations must be available to assist workers and building a high level of support for building community immunity through vaccination. 
  • Prioritise early access based on the risk of exposure, transmission and serious disease.
  • Vaccination should be encouraged, and workers supported to ensure they can access the vaccine without any loss of pay.
  • Federal and State Governments must co-operate and share information internationally regarding any unforeseen complications of vaccination.
  • Federal and State Governments must commit to a “deemed diseases” approach in all workers compensation systems should complications be evident.
  • Federal and state governments will regard the appropriate health and safety and industrial considerations necessary to the safe, fair and effective distribution of the vaccine and consult with the appropriate unions.


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