Becoming active in the union and at your workplace

You believe that people should be treated fairly and with respect. You know that working together means you can achieve things that you cannot do alone. You want to make a difference at your workplace . You should get active in your union.

There are many ways to get active. Becoming a member is the first step. You might learn about your rights at work by attending HSUWA training. You may help a colleague at work with some information or support. You could lead or help out in a workplace campaign. You could become a union contact or representative in your workplace. You could stand for election to the HSUWA Committee of Management.

HSUWA members elect their representatives at all levels of the union. On key issues that directly affect members it is those members who decide what action should be taken. From a roster change to a national campaign for equal pay it is members who decide.

If you want to get involved in the HSUWA then contact us or download the information sheet.

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