Non-Members Policy

Member contributions resource the Union's activities, achievements, and improvements in wages and conditions. All employees benefit from the Union's Awards and Agreements, and therefore ALL have a responsibility to contribute.

With constant workplace change and increasingly complex employment laws and practices, the need for strong collective action has never been greater. The HSUWA continues to organise to protect and improve members pay, conditions, and job security.

Suppose you have chosen for whatever reason to let your membership lapse, or not to join. In that case, you should not automatically expect assistance from the Union if you run into difficulties at work.

In response to the increasing numbers of people seeking assistance from the HSUWA who are not members, the Committee of Management has adopted a ”Non-Member Service Policy”. The policy is published below.

If you are reading this and have let your membership lapse, or not yet joined, now is the time to do something about it. Join here

Non-Members Service Policy

Following these objectives:

  • Except to the extent necessary for the Union to conduct its business, persons who are not members of the HSUWA will receive no advice or service. Such advice or service will be reserved for members only.
  • Persons who join the HSUWA with a pre-existing workplace issue will not receive assistance concerning that issue/problem unless determined otherwise by the Secretary and/or the Committee of Management.


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