WA Health Workers Need A Pay Rise

You continue to support the State and our community through the global pandemic, and work within a health system stretched to its limits. Now it’s time for the State Government to reward public sector health workers with a fair pay rise.

HSUWA members are working together to win a fair deal. You can stand with them by joining the HSUWA today!

Thanks to strong union advocacy and thousands of HSUWA members signing a petition calling on the State Government to scrap the $1,000 wages cap, we have succeeded! The Premier has announced that the State Wages Policy is being reviewed.

State Government Economic Review of State Wage Policy.

Members provided the HSUWA guidance on how we would proceed with the review process. To view the Resolution voted on by Members at the September Union meetings click here.

The review timeline:

  • 5 October 2021: Meeting with Government and HSUWA members. To read a list of questions posed to the State Government by HSUWA Members at this meeting, click here. For more information regarding the meeting please read our Member News.

  • 22 October 2021: HSUWA written submission to Government submitted. Click here to view the submission.

  • Government deliberates in November and December 2021.

This is an opportunity to tell the State Government about what you want and why your work should be valued.

HSUWA members have made it clear that:

  • The health system is under huge pressure.  
  • Capped low wage increases make it difficult to retain staff and attract new talent and keep up with essential living expenses.  
  • Health workers have kept the health system going in the face of a huge increase in demand and a pandemic.

The HSUWA wants to negotiate better wages and conditions, but we can’t do it without you.


Share Your Story

We need the real stories and experience of WA health workers who have been impacted by the current State Wages Policy. We also want to share Member experiences of working in a health system under pressure, in addition to the incredible work you do each day, despite these conditions. Tell us of your experience so the decision makers understand the human impact of their decisions.

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