Government invests in health infrastructure, not staff
May 9, 2014 10:22AM WST

The HSUWA said that while the state budget outlined much needed spending on health infrastructure, it did not invest enough in its people.HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill said he was very disappointed the budget did not include any ... Read More

Health workers attend EBA meetings
Apr 30, 2014 10:09AM WST

Hundreds of health workers are expected to attend lunch time meetings this week as part of the HSUWA's EBA negotiations.A survey of almost 650 health workers including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, medical ... Read More

Further proof of Government's mismanagement of Fiona Stanley Hospital
Apr 13, 2014 11:47AM WST

The HSUWA said the State Government's decision to change the Serco contract at Fiona Stanley Hospital was further proof the commissioning of the hospital was in disarray.The government has decided that services such as ... Read More

Questions over further delays and budget blowouts at Fiona Stanley Hospital
Apr 12, 2014 14:09PM WST

The HSUWA has raised serious concerns about the government's ability to ensure Fiona Stanley Hospital is fully operational by April next year, without further budget blow outs.The concerns come after the Education and Health ... Read More

HSUWA survey finds cut backs affecting patient care
Mar 4, 2014 14:08PM WST

An online survey of almost 650 HSUWA members has found healthcare workers were being forced to do more work with less staff and were very concerned about losing their jobs.Those that completed the survey included ... Read More

Hospital job losses unnecessary
Feb 19, 2014 13:48PM WST

The HSUWA is outraged by the loss of hundreds of jobs at Sir Charles Gairdner and Osborne Park hospitals, which have been detailed for the first time.The Executive Director of the hospitals has confirmed about 67 positions ... Read More

Treasurer's criticism over Fiona Stanley vindicates HSUWA concerns
Feb 17, 2014 14:32PM WST

The serious concerns raised by the HSUWA over the workforce planning for the new Fiona Stanley Hospital have finally been recognised by the Treasurer Troy Buswell.My Buswell today accused the Health Department of ... Read More

Government mismanagement leads to waste in health
Dec 19, 2013 12:52PM WST

The State Government's mid-year economic review has revealed how badly the State Government has managed the health budget.The budget papers reveal the government will pay private contractor Serco almost $53 million to ... Read More

Call for State Government to guarantee long term funding for CPS
Nov 8, 2013 13:47PM WST

The HSUWA has called on the State Government to give certainty to hundreds of ill elderly people and secure long term funding for the Community Physiotherapy Service.The CPS runs group exercise classes for mainly elderly ... Read More

Hundreds of staff to go at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Oct 13, 2013 13:35PM WST

The HSUWA was extremely concerned by reports that hundreds of staff were set to lose their jobs at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.The union had learned that the Heads of Department had been told at a meeting they had to slash ... Read More

More positions set to go in South Metro Health shake up
Aug 13, 2013 14:48PM WST

HSUWA has raised serious concerns about more planned staff cuts to the South Metropolitan Health Service.It has been revealed that more than 100 positions are set to go at Bentley Health Service, including dozens of nurses, ... Read More

Vital Community Physiotherapy Service under threat: Union
Jul 11, 2013 12:44PM WST

The HSUWA is calling on the State Government to commit to fully funding the Community Physiotherapy Service, which is vital to around a thousand patients across the metro area.The Community Physiotherapy Service (CPS) ... Read More

Public Sector cuts will affect Health Services: Union
Jun 13, 2013 14:24PM WST

The HSUWA is alarmed by news the State Government is planning to slash up to 1,200 public sector jobs.The Union said the health sector was already struggling under an ever increasing workload and any cuts to staff would have ... Read More

"Chaotic" Planning could lead to staff shortages at Fiona Stanley
Jun 10, 2013 13:36PM WST

The State Government's lack of workforce planning could leave the new Fiona Stanley Hospital short staffed and delay its opening.The West Australian newspaper has today outlined a number of problems with the IT system and ... Read More

Shortage of Specialist Cancer Staff no surprise: Union
Jun 6, 2013 12:17PM WST

The Union which represents specialist cancer staff had been warning the Barnett Government for years that there was a looming shortage in the sector.Cancer services at PMH have been severely affected because two oncologists ... Read More

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