Cuts to health will impact patient care

Friday 11 May 2018

The Health Services Union of WA (HSUWA) warns a 2.4 per cent decrease to WA’s overall health budget will add pressure to an already strained system.

HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill said, the demand for health services in WA continues to rise as the population increases and ages. It is therefore not sustainable to apply funding cuts to health.

“This decrease will result in increased pressure on the health workforce and ultimately affect the quality of care for patients,” he said.

“This is about saving dollars rather than ensuring the best patient outcomes. We are already seeing an increase of workload stress and mental health issues from our members and cuts to the budget will only make this worse.

“The budget is reducing preventative health and community based services, and as research has proved in the past this will only result in increased admissions to hospital and presentations to emergency departments.

“The health budget needs to be improved not decreased,” HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill said.

For more watch Dan at Parliament House in this brief video.

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