HSUWA secures 18% pay rise at Peel Health Campus

Friday 21 Dec 2012

The HSUWA has secured an 18% pay rise for workers at the Peel Health Campus (PHC) and has commended the registration of the new enterprise agreement by Fair Work Australia (FWA).

The wage increases will be delivered over three years, with 10% from 1 November 2012, 4% from 1 November 2013 and 4% from 1 November 2014.

In addition, the lowest paid members at Levels 1 and 2 will receive an additional adjustment of $31 and $17 per week, respectively. Also achieved in the agreements were improved shift penalties, overtime pay on weekends, on-call allowances and additional leave for shift workers.

In welcoming the agreement, HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill noted that pay and conditions at privatised Peel Health Campus still lagged behind those in publicly run hospitals.

“The HSUWA has delivered a major pay rise for workers at the Peel Health Campus, whose pay and conditions have long lagged behind workers performing similar roles in publicly run hospitals, “ Mr Hill said.

Mr Hill said that continuing to achieve real outcomes for HSUWA members was a priority for the Union in the challenging times ahead for the health sector in Western Australia.

“Negotiating this agreement during a time of significant public controversy surrounding the State Government’s contract with Health Solutions (WA) to operate the Peel Health Campus, is a credit to both the Union’s bargaining representatives and the management representatives on the bargaining committee,” Mr Hill explained.

“The negotiations were conducted in a spirit of good faith with a shared aim of bridging the gap between pay and conditions at PHC and those at publicly operated hospitals.

“There is little doubt the gap widened as a result of the actions of Health Solutions management over the past ten years.

“Privatisation means that hospitals are run to a profit, which often leaves less money for services and the staff that provide them.

“The HSUWA firmly believes that the community as a whole receives the best health services possible when the State’s public hospitals, healthcare workers and health services generally are managed publicly.

“With the State Government privatising services at the new Fiona Stanley and Midland hospitals, the HSUWA and the community as a whole are going to have to remain vigilant, so that these hospitals don’t face similar issues”

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