Mandatory Vaccination for WA Health Workers

Thursday 02 Sep 2021

WA Health Minister Roger Cook announced vaccination for COVID-19 will be mandatory for WA Health workers, commencing 1 October 2021.


The Health Services Union of WA (HSUWA) will attend a meeting this afternoon with the State Government to discuss the recently issued Health Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions by the Chief Health Officer.


HSUWA will be seeking to clarify a range of initial questions arising from the announcement including additional support for vaccine access and recovery, ensuring safe staffing levels, exemptions and logistical challenges which may arise with restricted access to workplaces.


The Directions set out a four-stage process, so that by 1 January 2022, all health care workers and health support workers across WA public and private hospitals and health services are fully vaccinated.


The staged approach is based on health workers in the highest risk areas needing to be vaccinated first.


Naomi McCrae, Secretary of the HSUWA said, “We will seeking further clarification from the State Government to ensure we can best navigate the implementation of the Directions and support our members who are yet to be vaccinated, noting that most are already fully vaccinated.


“Vaccination will ultimately protect vital health care workers within Western Australia’s health system, and the wider community.


“There is now significant medical evidence to support the efficacy of the vaccine, to protect us from future outbreaks and to protect our health system and our workers from being overwhelmed. The health and safety of our workers is a high priority.”


Click here to access the Health Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions.


If you are a health care worker who has not yet been vaccinated, visit the WA State Government Website to find out how.


Immunisation medical exemption criteria is available from the Australian Federal Government website.


Vaccination and Access Requirements at a Glance.


The information below is for reference only and does not include the details set out the Directions


Health care facility

Health care workers Health support workers

Tier 1

1 Oct 2021 – first dose

1 Nov 2021 - fully vaccinated

1 Oct 2021 – first dose

1 Nov 2021 - fully vaccinated

Tier 2

1 Nov 2021 – first dose

1 Dec 2021 - fully vaccinated

1 Dec 2021 – first dose

1 Jan 2022 - fully vaccinated

Tier 3

1 Dec 2021 – first dose

1 Jan 2022 - fully vaccinated

1 Dec 2021 – first dose

1 Jan 2022 - fully vaccinated



Health care workers:

  • All those who provide health, medial, nursing, pathology, pharmaceutical, social work or allied health services at a health care facility in any capacity.
  • Assistants in nursing, orderlies or hospital service assistants.
  • Students on placement.
  • Ambulance officers.

 Health support workers:

  • Those who provide goods or services at a health care facility paid or unpaid.

Health care facility:

Tier 1: ICU, high dependency units, respiratory wards, EDs, covid clinics (testing and vaccination).

Tier 2: all hospitals both public and private.

Tier 3: all public health service facility premises including where contracted health entities provide public health services, any premises of the Department of Health or a public Health Service Provider.


About the HSUWA

HSUWA is a specialised union of health workers in Western Australia. Our thousands of members work in Hospitals and Health Services, Aged Care, Disabilities, Imaging, Pathology, Private Practices and Allied Health.  Their jobs make up a significant part of the health workforce, for example Pharmacists, Clinical Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Medical Scientists and Researchers, Medical Imaging Technicians, Laboratory Technicians and Administrators. We cover the many jobs and varied expertise needed to care for the community and run a health system.


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Alex Biddle / Communications Officer HSUWA  / E: M: 0438 889 372


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