People with disabilities in WA miss out because of Barnett inaction: Union.

Thursday 14 Mar 2013

The Union representing disability workers in Western Australia has again called on the Premier Colin Barnett to fully commit to signing up to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The House of Representatives has today passed legislation which would allow the scheme to be launched from July.

The bill passed with the support of all MP's and HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill said this reflects the political will from all sides of politics to see people with disabilities properly cared for.

Mr Hill said it was no longer an option for Mr Barnett to continue to refuse to follow the other five states and sign up for a trial of the scheme.

"People with disabilities in South Australia, Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT will benefit from the NDIS once it passes through the Senate, after their governments signed up to trial the scheme," he said.

"Premier Barnett's refusal to follow suit means that people living with disabilities in this State are missing out on the benefits of the national scheme," said Mr Hill.

"At the earliest opportunity WA must agree to be a host jurisdiction as provided for under the legislation."

During the recent state election campaign, the Labor party pledged to sign WA up to the NDIS trial as soon as possible.

But Mr Barnett refused to do so unless his government retained power over the decision making process.

The Union hoped the passage of the Bill would provide an impetus for the WA Government to act.

"This issue is too important to play politics with and Mr Barnett needs to resolve his differences with the Federal Government to ensure that West Australians with disabilities receive the benefits of the NDIS without any further delay," said Mr Hill.

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