WA Health System Paying For Barnett Government Budget Mismanagement

Tuesday 22 Dec 2015

The release today of the Mid‐year Financial Projections Statement confirms the Barnett Governments plans to cut more staff from the WA Health system and put even more pressure on an already stretched system.

Todays statement confirms the State Government will cut a further 563 full-time employees from the health system through a voluntary separation scheme.

This number is comprised of 313 full-time employees from the Swan District Hospital following its closure and the opening of the new Midland Public Hospital, as well as another 250 full-time employees following the reconfiguration of the South Metropolitan Health Service.

These cuts are additional to the 500 full-time employees that were allocated for redundancy in the 2014-2015 budget.

They also do not include the staff employed on fixed term contracts doing essential work who face an uncertain future as contracts expire. The Government aims to decrease the number of staff on fixed term contracts by simply not renewing them. A double whammy for the Health system that has in some areas well over 30% of staff on fixed term contracts.

“We have a health system in WA that’s already buckling under the pressure caused by previous funding and staff cuts, with staff struggling to deliver the quality service that the community deserve and rightly expect,” said HSUWA Secretary Dan Hill.

“The State Governments ongoing mismanagement and wrong priorities have delivered yet another body blow to the States health system, and push it even closer to crisis point.” he said.

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