HSUWA Quarterly Highlights September 2021
Sep 23, 2021 15:14PM WST

 We wish to share with you some of the considerable things achieved through your commitment as an HSUWA member.Here is a summary of some HSUWA member wins and milestones across the Public and Private Health Sectors ... Read More

Clinical Perfusionists: The Beating Heart of Theatre
Sep 23, 2021 14:30PM WST

A what? Is what people might ask when told about this relatively new profession in the health sector. Today we speak with member Stuart, a Clinical Perfusionist from Fiona Stanley Hospital and member of HSUWA.Clinical ... Read More

State Government Agrees to Devise a New Wages Policy
Sep 10, 2021 15:54PM WST

In a significant win for HSUWA members the State Government has brought forward the review of the state wages policy for public sector workers.  This is a positive first step in the HSUWA’s push to secure a ... Read More

Mandatory Vaccination for WA Health Workers
Sep 10, 2021 13:56PM WST

Update 10 September 2021Since the announcement of the Health Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions last week, becoming law on 1 September 2021, HSUWA has attended several meetings with public health employers, other ... Read More

Member Win for PCH Security Officers and Patient Safety
Sep 9, 2021 10:00AM WST

Persistent Security Officers have won additional staff and safer working conditions, after safety concerns were raised at Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH). Prior to this HSUWA members win, three Security Officers were ... Read More

HSUWA State Budget Submission
Aug 26, 2021 17:54PM WST

The HSUWA has prepared a submission for the upcoming State Budget for 2021-22 including the following priorities:The impacts of COVID-19 and supporting WA health workers: we outline that the return on investment in health ... Read More

Regional Health Workers and Communities Deserve More!
Aug 17, 2021 14:22PM WST

This week Health Minister Roger Cook and the Mental Health Minister Stephen Dawson, committed an additional $1.9 billion of health and mental health funding within the 2021-22 State Budget. You can read the announcement ... Read More

Big Win for CAMHS! 99 Reasons to be Proud.
Aug 12, 2021 16:05PM WST

The industrial action and ongoing advocacy of HSUWA members is leading to change! Health Minister Roger Cook and the Mental Health Minister Stephen Dawson, committed $495 million to mental health within the 2021-22 ... Read More

WA Access Directions Released: Mandatory Vaccination Health Order for Aged Care Workers
Aug 12, 2021 13:23PM WST

The WA Health Department has issued directions requiring, all aged care workers to have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination by 17 September 2021, in order to continue working in aged care.The ... Read More

The Federal Budget is not what it's cracked up to be
May 20, 2021 10:33AM WST

This Federal Budget has fallen woefully short of what the Australian people need, while the Morrison Government continues to rack up an unprecedented level of debt.After years of decline, continued wage stagnation is ... Read More

Member gets permanency after 13 years of rolling contracts
May 5, 2021 11:54AM WST

After 13 years of employment at a major Perth hospital, Rebecca has finally achieved permanency in her job. Getting permanency can be a life-altering moment; just ask our member, Rebecca.Back in 2008, Rebecca accepted ... Read More

Member story: Violence in the workplace
Mar 18, 2021 14:41PM WST

Our members who work as hospital Security Officers are the front-line responders in Emergency Departments when there is violence. Members are increasingly risking their health and livelihoods as they protect the people ... Read More

How to win a $100 HESTA Scholarship
Mar 10, 2021 16:47PM WST

Are you currently studying? Or do you have a dependent child who is a student? If yes, then you are eligible to go in the running to win one of 20 $100 HESTA Super Fund textbook scholarships! Thanks to HESTA Super Fund ... Read More

Forgotten victims of the health crisis
Mar 3, 2021 12:35PM WST

EXCLUSIVE ANNABEL HENNESSYORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE WEST 3 MARCH 2021WA mental health workers say they are so disappointed with the election commitments for children’s mental health they plan to stop work for an ... Read More

Our Election Asks
Feb 18, 2021 11:42AM WST

In the lead up to the State Election, the HSUWA wrote to all four key political parties (Labor, Liberal, Greens and Nationals) asking them to support our election asks. We asked for a ... Read More

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