2019 Workplace Representative of Year - Margaret Greenwell, RPH

Wednesday 18 Dec 2019

Well done and congratulations to Margaret Greenwell who has received the Alf Barker Award and $500 on winning the Rep of the Year 2019.

Margaret has been the Rep in the Emergency Department (ED) at Royal Perth Hospital for more than two years. Margaret decided to take on this role when one of the shifts in the ED was abolished and she worked consistently over a period of many months with the then Organiser, Patrick Hyslop, to have the shift reinstated.

As she works part-time and more importantly the night shift, she has had to work effectively to communicate with all of the members in the area ensuring that they are aware of current issues. She has recruited many members and assisted a number of people who have experienced problems. One of the current EMHS Organisers met with Margaret when she came off her shift at RPH at 6:00am to present her with her Award.

Margaret is pictured here at RPH ED with her award.

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