2021 Union Representative of the Year

Wednesday 15 Dec 2021

Congratulations to Adrian McGlinchey, the HSUWA 2021 Union Representative of the Year!


Adrian works within the clerical division of Health Support Services and was instrumental in encouraging colleagues to speak out about injustices and bullying within his workplace, which resulted in the employer taking action and making positive change.

Here’s what Adrian’s colleagues said about him:

Adrian was instrumental in collecting and collating data on a workplace bullying case on behalf of the Union.”

During a very difficult time with a bully in a managerial role, Adrian was brave enough to step up as Union Representative. I’m so grateful to him for listening to countless stories, taking our issues seriously and fighting for our team… Adrian helped make our workplace safe again and was the support to many people during the difficult transition time.”

We would not have been able to come forward with our experiences without his support. He was very brave.”

At the AGM where the Union Representative of the Year Award was presented, we also had a new category of ‘Honourable Mentions’.


This was to honour the work of other members who made an outstanding contribution this year. We recognised the following Union Representatives (or Delegates) who made valuable and lasting efforts in 2021 to improve their workplaces for the benefit of others:


  • Tracey Giblett
  • Tiffany Pitcher
  • Craig Russell
  • Diana Tinney

Congratulations and well done to all!

Would you too like to be a Union Representative and help others at work? Your union is here to support you! If you believe you would like to nominate as a Representative for your workplace, click here.

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