PathWest goes it alone
Jun 1, 2018 11:43AM WST

When the Health Services Act came into effect in 2016, Pathwest was retained as an agency within the larger North Metropolitan Health Service. From 1 July 2018 PathWest will become a separate health service provider.A new ... Read More

Outlook improves for North Metro Members
Jun 1, 2018 11:38AM WST

The sudden departure of former Chief Executive, Wayne Salvage, mixed with rumours of massive budget shortfalls in North Metro Area Health Service created fears of yet more job cuts for North Metro members.The union wrote to ... Read More

Member Research Survey prizewinners announced
May 31, 2018 14:29PM WST

Thanks to all of our HSUWA members for participating in our Member Research Survey. Your valuable feedback has provided us with a clear understanding of your views and helped determine our approach for the future. The ... Read More

Recruit a member winner for May
May 31, 2018 12:41PM WST

The winners of our $250 Recruit a Member prize for May are Karlee Jack and Cassie Reading from St Charles Gardner Hospital OT. You can see them celebrating here.Congratulations Karlee and Cassie! You could win $250 and an ... Read More

EBA 2018 Update – Log of Claims
Apr 20, 2018 14:59PM WST

The union held a Reps Conference at the Perth Zoo on Thursday 12 April to finalise the union’s log of claims for a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).The current EBA expires on 30 June 2018.  There have ... Read More

Flexible Work Arrangements – Myths & Misconceptions
Mar 16, 2018 10:45AM WST

HSUWA Public Sector organisers have been talking to members recently regarding Flexible Work Arrangements and wanted to share some information and bust some of the many myths and misconceptions! So what are Flexible Work ... Read More

Change the Rules
Mar 16, 2018 10:27AM WST

Australian Unions, including the HSU, are campaigning to change the Federal rules so that working people have more secure jobs and better pay.Right now, big business has too much power. A third of them aren’t paying ... Read More

EBA Update
Mar 13, 2018 17:09PM WST

As you know, the union have initiated bargaining with the employer for a new Agreement to start with effect from 1 July 2018 and we are undertaking extensive consultation with members to build the Log of Claims. We have ... Read More

HESTA Scholarship winners for 2018
Mar 13, 2018 13:08PM WST

Members who are studying in 2018, or have a dependent child who is a student, are eligible to apply for one of the Union’s scholarships to help you to buy textbooks or other study requisites. The Scholarships are ... Read More

DNA bungle could happen again if recommendations are ignored
Mar 2, 2018 12:34PM WST

HSUWA has welcomed the supplementary report of the Ross Inquiry into PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA which revealed a rare clerical error, not a failure of the Forensic Biology Department’s (FBD) science, led to a ... Read More

HSUWA welcomes the findings of the Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects
Mar 1, 2018 12:39PM WST

The Health Services Union has welcomed the release of the Special Inquiry into Government Programs and Projects. Prior to the 2017 State election, the Union pushed for both major parties to review outsourced medical typing, ... Read More

HSUWA Enterprise Bargaining Agreement 2018 Member Survey
Feb 13, 2018 12:26PM WST

It is hard to believe that two years has already gone by and we are back at the negotiating table to get you a new Enterprise Agreement!  The HSUWA has initiated the bargaining process with the Western Australian ... Read More

Secretary's Report - 2017 AGM
Jan 17, 2018 11:04AM WST

The primary objective of the Union as stated in our Rules is “To protect and further the interests of its members by any lawful means”.This annual report will outline the activities and financial status of the ... Read More

Health Minister Roger Cook at the HSUWA AGM 2017
Jan 17, 2018 10:03AM WST

We asked the Deputy Premier and Health Minister Roger Cook to come and say a few words at the union’s annual general meeting.Roger started by acknowledging the importance of union membership, he is a union member, and ... Read More

Treasurer's Report - 2017 AGM
Jan 12, 2018 16:28PM WST

Copies of the complete financial statements audited by Anderson Munro & Wyllie, can be found at here.  Any member who does not have access to email or the internet can request a copy of the statements be sent to ... Read More

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