More than a week needed for mental health
Oct 7, 2014 13:24PM WST

Mental Health Week is an important, annual prompt for politicians and policy makers to review the state's mental health services.In the three years since the Stokes Review was commissioned, the already overstretched public ... Read More

Fiona Stanley Hospital journey begins
Oct 4, 2014 07:58AM WST

Politicians, bureaucrats and health department officials attended the opening ceremony of the Fiona Stanley Hospital and heard Professor Stanley's hopes for the future of the hospital named in her honour.Indigenous elder Rev ... Read More

Goodbye Shenton Park
Sep 27, 2014 07:31AM WST

Shenton Park Rehabilitation service will close its doors on Saturday, 4 October.'Shents' has long been part of the fabric of health services in Western Australia.From its humble beginnings back in 1893, as a place to isolate ... Read More

Recruit a member winner – September
Sep 22, 2014 10:37AM WST

Congratulations to our September Recruit a Member winner, Robyn Bicanin, a clinical coder from Bunbury Regional Hospital.Robyn has worked at Bunbury for the past seven years and has been an HSUWA member for more than 25 ... Read More

Employer group AIG admits super cut won’t be paid as wages
Sep 9, 2014 10:04AM WST

The Federal Government's tawdry deal with the Palmer United Party will see thousands of dollars excised from members' incomes over the coming years.The government has said workers cannot re-open enterprise bargaining ... Read More

Welcome David Rimell
Sep 3, 2014 10:12AM WST

The HSUWA is pleased to introduce David Rimell, Enquiry Officer, who will be the first point of contact for all member enquiries and referrals.Recently returned from the United Kingdom where he played a key role in the ... Read More

New EBA for Activ Foundation members
Aug 26, 2014 09:14AM WST

The HSUWA has negotiated a new EBA for Activ Foundation members.Established in 1951, Activ is now Western Australia (WA)'s largest disability service provider.It provides support and assistance for people with disabilities ... Read More

FSH offers coming soon
Aug 25, 2014 14:18PM WST

HSUWA clerical members who have applied for positions at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) will be asked to make a big decision about their futures over the next week or so.South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) management has ... Read More

Reps key to success
Aug 21, 2014 16:16PM WST

Recent research from the ACTU shows that workers with active Workplace Representatives (Reps) are far more likely to get positive outcomes on issues that matter to them than workers without Reps.The research also found that ... Read More

What would you do with an extra $250?
Aug 21, 2014 13:33PM WST

Congratulations to our June and August Recruit a Member winners, Brigid Nonis (June), who works in retail for Good Sammies, and Joyce Pedri (August), a Patient Trust Officer from  Fremantle ... Read More

HSUWA adopts new Financial Management Policies and Procedures
Aug 19, 2014 16:09PM WST

The rules of the HSU (national union) require each state branch to "...develop and implement internal control policies and procedures relating to the expenditure of the branch and to ensure that the branch is conducted in ... Read More

WA branch financial statements now available online
Aug 19, 2014 16:05PM WST

The financial statements for the Western Australian (WA) branch are now available on the HSUWA website under the "Get Informed" section here.These statements are for the WA branch of the national union and cover the ... Read More

FSH inductions
Aug 18, 2014 13:51PM WST

With the phased opening of Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) approaching, the induction process for new and transferring staff is well under way; in fact, some of you are already busily preparing for the big move(s).If you are ... Read More

Interim pay increase – 2.75% backdated from 1 July 2014
Aug 12, 2014 16:57PM WST

We are pleased to advise that the interim wage increase of 2.75% for HSUWA public sector members will be applied and back paid from 1 July 2014.The amount of the final wage increase effective from 1 July ... Read More

Department of Health agrees to arbitration and an interim pay increase
Jul 31, 2014 17:47PM WST

The HSUWA is pleased to advise that the Department of Health today agreed that the rates of pay for a new agreement be determined by arbitration.It also agreed to two recommendations made by the Commission:Any agreement ... Read More

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