Work Health Safety laws for Western Australia
Oct 23, 2020 12:38PM WST

The Work Health and Safety Bill 2019 passed the Legislative Council this week with amendments, which now have to be approved by the Legislative Assembly. The legislation is expected to be implemented once the ... Read More

2020 WA Budget Summary of Health Announcements
Oct 9, 2020 11:50AM WST

Total Health Budget Budget increased from $9.423 billion to $9.649 billion – 2.35% increasePublic hospital budget up from $4.336 billion in 2019 to $4.510 billion in 2020 – 3.86% increasePublic hospital FTE ... Read More

Federal budget: implications for superannuation
Oct 9, 2020 11:07AM WST

The Federal Government has signalled its legislative priorities for superannuation over the next four years.The government has not announced any further extension to the early access to superannuation scheme as threatened, ... Read More

Quick Win for a Member – Sharing Tips!
Oct 9, 2020 11:03AM WST

A member approached the union this week with concerns about paperwork they were being asked to sign by their employer. The paperwork contained information that was factually incorrect, yet management was pressuring them to ... Read More

NHS commits to Net Zero Emissions
Oct 9, 2020 10:50AM WST

Some very encouraging and exciting progress at the Interface of Climate and Health internationally. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) has become the world's first health system to commit to bold targets for a Net ... Read More

2020 WA Budget: Public sector workers told no fair pay rises on the horizon
Oct 9, 2020 10:31AM WST

The challenges are huge, but the State budget has wages policy wrong.As part of the 2020 WA budget this week the State Government announced a continuation of the flat $1000 per annum pay increases for public sector workers ... Read More

Aegis Aged Care Pay Dispute
Sep 25, 2020 13:23PM WST

At Aegis Aged Care last week, more than 1500 workers voted on whether to accept a new enterprise agreement. The majority voted No. Aegis is WA’s largest aged care provider, which we understand to be privately owned and ... Read More

Wrapping up CI-23 and permanent jobs at NMHS for our Casual Security Officers (finally!)
Sep 25, 2020 13:10PM WST

The Commissioner’s Instruction No.23 (Pathway to Permanency) (CI-23) is finally wrapping up and while it has been a drawn out and patchy process, many union members have succeeded in receiving offers of permanent jobs ... Read More

A Good News Story as Bunbury HSUWA member wins back his job
Sep 25, 2020 12:38PM WST

“Harsh, unfair and disproportionate”. These were the words of the Public Sector Appeal Board (PSAB) in determining that HSUWA member and union rep, Ted Picks, was unfairly dismissed. Ted was dismissed on 7 ... Read More

Disability: HSU Advocates for National Leadership on the NDIS Workforce
Sep 11, 2020 10:49AM WST

This week National Secretary Lloyd Williams appeared on behalf of the HSU before the Commonwealth Parliament’s NDIS Joint Standing Committee as part of their inquiry into the NDIS workforce alongside Victorian HSU ... Read More

Ramsay’s application to self-insure under Comcare scheme
Sep 11, 2020 10:23AM WST

Members may recall that in February this year the HSU made a submission about Ramsay Health Care’s application to move to be self-insured under the Federal Comcare scheme. This would mean Ramsay employees would not be ... Read More

Overtime for casuals win in aged care, health professional and aboriginal health awards
Aug 28, 2020 12:20PM WST

A Fair Work Commission (FWC) decision has been handed down in a long-running matter concerning how casual employees are paid overtime across modern awards.The HSU had a significant win, with the FWC going further than our ... Read More

Disability Abuse Royal Commission
Aug 28, 2020 12:10PM WST

After delaying the March 2020 hearings due to the pandemic, the Disability Abuse Royal Commission re-commenced hearings last week examining the impact of COVID-19 on people with disability. The Commission has also ... Read More

Union Agreement 2020-2022
Aug 21, 2020 15:38PM WST

HSUWA has secured an offer from WA Health for a new Union Agreement 2020-2022, which includes:A pay increase of $1000 from 1 July 2020 (back paid) and $1000 from 1 July 2021 (pro-rata for part-time employees)Immediate ... Read More

WA Health: Union Update #19
Aug 10, 2020 13:10PM WST

Please see attached the latest information sheet for union members, provided by the Department of Health on the COVID-19 situation. Information is current as at Friday August 06 2020.Union update #19.pdf Read More

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