Agreement 2020 Update

Friday 10 Jul 2020

We have received an offer from WA Health for a new Agreement 2020-2022. However, most unusually, the offer was not complete. This will not affect the pay increases which will be back paid to 1 July 2020 but it does mean a delay before our Committee of Management can respond to the offer, subject to a ballot of members.

Our Committee of Management will be meeting on Monday night to discuss the situation. We understand a complete offer is very close to being finalised. We expect to be able to email members details of a complete offer and ballot details within the next two weeks.

The outstanding items not included in the offer relate to the conversion of employees on fixed term contracts and casuals. This is a huge and contentious issue – while Public Sector Commissioner’s Instruction No. 23 has resulted in the conversion of some 2,600 employees to permanent employment, there has been a lack of meaningful change to the total number of insecure jobs in WA Health after nearly two years of the ‘corrective measure’ of the Instruction. We, along with other public sector unions, are seeking a better conversion process to be included in our Agreement.

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