Agreement EBA 2020 - Pay and Conditions Survey

Monday 20 Jan 2020

Dear Member

The current industrial Agreement covering your pay and conditions reaches the end of its two-year term on 30 June 2020. HSUWA have written to the Department of Health as the System-Manager to commence negotiations for a replacement Agreement covering your pay and conditions. A copy of the letter is here

This round of bargaining will take place in a tough negotiating environment.

The Government’s wages policy

The State Government’s bargaining position is to continue applying their ‘wages policy’ of a flat $1,000 per annum increase to all public sector employees. This wages policy commenced in May 2017 – requiring public sector employees to do the heavy lifting to repair the state’s finances after the mess left by the Barnett Government.

The Government now says this wages policy applies to each public sector agreement for a period of four consecutive years. The Agreement in 2018 applied the first two years of this wages policy to you. What this would mean to our new Agreement 2020 is another two years of flat $1,000 per annum pay increases for all employees (pro-rata for part-time). We think the Government wages policy is unfair.

Thanks to a spike in the iron ore price, the State budget is now back in surplus. Yes, there is still a huge debt to pay down, but the State economy is sluggish and more money in people’s pockets is needed to get things moving (even the Reserve Bank says so!).

Inflation or CPI is creeping up. At a bare minimum, wages should be keeping up with inflation. This would at the very least preserve the real value of everyone’s wages. Some of our members on the higher classifications are experiencing an overall reduction in real wages. This is not fair or sustainable and the Government needs to be flexible.

So far only the Civil Service Association (general public servants union) have reached a new agreement and accepted the $1,000 for the third and fourth year. The Teachers, Police, Hospital Support Workers and Nurses are or will be negotiating their next agreements this year.

We want you to tell us what wage increase you expect – the union wages claim will be up to members.

Agreement 2020 Survey

Putting the Government’s wages policy to one side, we believe there is scope to improve your conditions and improve job security. What we need you to tell us is - what are the most important things for you? What matters most to you for your pay and conditions in 2020 and beyond? Later this week you will be sent a survey to find out what you believe is fair for a new Industrial Agreement for members pay and conditions.

Thank you also to those members who have already submitted ideas. We will update all members on the survey results. We will also be scheduling workplace meetings across all metropolitan hospital sites from mid-February, dates and venues to be advised. We will also schedule a teleconference(s) for WACHS members.

If you would like to meet with a union representative in your department or worksite please contact your Workplace Representative. If you don’t have a Workplace Representative now is an ideal time to step up, or nominate a colleague, complete this form, or contact

To all those potential members currently enjoying a ‘free ride’

Now is the right time to ask your colleagues if they are in the union. If we want to make our pay and conditions better, then we need to work together. While union members fight for a better Agreement, others are looking for a free ride (or free lunch, or not buying their round!). We know you get it – the more people who join the union, the stronger the union is, the better the outcomes for you.

It is important that this is understood by our potential members! We want everyone to belong and participate. Your fees pay for the work of the Union and there is never a better time to ask your colleagues to join than now.

Union membership is tax-deductible, there are a huge range of benefits and signing up a new member gives you a chance to win $250!!!

Thanks for your support and input and we look forward to hearing your thoughts soon.


Naomi McCrae Secretary

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