Being Union Matters! Central Referral Service Staff Offered Permanent Jobs

Thursday 17 Mar 2022

After working with the HSUWA, Members from the Central Referral Service have this week won a commitment from the Department of Health to transition to permanent employment.

Some Members have been on rolling fixed-term contracts for more than 9 years.

Staff at the Central Referral Service (CRS) approached the HSUWA for advice in 2021, when they were offered yet another fixed term contract extension.  The staff decided to work together.  They decided to join the union and not accept that their jobs must be insecure. They knew their work mattered and was needed by WA Health.

The Central Referral Service manages referrals for patients requiring a first, specialist outpatient appointment within the public health system.

Despite the delays and deferrals (regrettably tactics most Members are familiar with), the CRS staff stayed strong and united in their support of HSUWA’s advocacy for permanent jobs. 

An important building block to achieve change for this group of employees was the Jobs Security Review process won in the Union Agreement 2020.

Union solidarity means standing up for other members on principle. It was the work of all union members in winning a strong review clause for employees who have been fixed term or casual for more than 2 years in our collective agreement, that gave these new Members the opportunity to be offered permanent jobs.

These members should be commended on their win, and all HSUWA Members should feel proud that as a collective their support has helped ensure job security for this important department,” said Adrian Barrett, Assistant Secretary HSUWA.

Congratulations to those Members who have achieved job security and to all HSUWA Members for standing together to stop the scourge of insecure work on our society.

If you're not yet a Member of the HSUWA, join today to win change and support your colleagues in health.

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