Bethesda Rep Lauren passes the torch

Wednesday 11 Dec 2013

Lauren Hoey has been the HSUWA rep at Bethesda Hospital in Claremont for several years, but has decided now is the time to hand over the responsibility to one of her co-workers.

Below is her summary of her time as a rep:

Being a union representative has not come without its challenges - any union rep from any industry will probably agree with this statement.

When you put your hand up, or get nominated to be a representative you suddenly become more visible to your employer - it's tough and this is certainly how it felt for me. But to anyone in my position, or who is considering being a union representative let me tell you this; when it is written down, agreed upon and signed, it is law - your union is there for, and will support, you.

Don't be afraid to ask for tea breaks; don't be afraid to push back at unfair or inequitable treatment and don't be afraid to voice your opinion or concerns of any kind. If it isn't right, your union is there to make it right. Don't be afraid to ask them for help. 

It has filled me with tremendous confidence to have HSUWA at my side through my time as a representative. We have achieved a lot; union membership is up, our EBA went smoothly and at any time I have needed advice or help HSUWA has been swift with assistance. 

I am now about to go and have some babies, and I have every confidence that Chantelle will carry the torch to a bigger, brighter, better Bethesda.

Chantelle left, Lauren right.

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