Bowel cancer education for union members at workplaces

Friday 09 Jun 2017

It is fairly sobering to think that around 4000 Australians die each year from bowel cancer.  Bowel cancer is one of the most common cancers in Australia and all Australians over 50 are at increased risk regardless of family history. Around 90% of bowel cancers could be prevented if they were found early. Screening offers the best opportunity to do this; the National Bowel Cancer Screening program recommends anyone aged 50-74 years to complete the free screening kit every two years, however the majority of people who receive a kit do not use it.

Cancer Council WA needs your help to spread this important message of early detection and prevention of bowel cancer.  With majority of bowel cancers prevented if detected early, encouraging others to screen is very important.

Cancer Council is inviting you to book an education session for your workplace. The session will give your group the opportunity to learn more about bowel cancer and encourage them to take active steps to detect signs of bowel cancer early. 

If you would like to organise a bowel cancer education session at your workplace, contact the Bowel Screening Officer on or 9382 9331.

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