Brightwater Care Group Enterprise Agreement 2013

Friday 14 Jun 2013

Negotiations for a new EBA for members employed by the Brightwater Group have concluded.

There will be a minimum wage increase of 12.5% over the term of the Agreement (effectively 42 months) with the employer agreeing to backdate the initial 4% quantum to the fpp 1st January 2013.

In addition there is:

Communicable Infection Leave

Under the proposed agreement, employees who contract a communicable infection through contact in the workplace may be eligible for Special Leave with pay.

Grandparent Leave

Employees will have access to 2 days paid Grandparent Leave on the birth or adoption of a grandchild, deducted from the employee's accrued personal leave.

New Allied Health Structure

A revised classification structure for Allied Health, a higher starting increment and two additional increments at the top of the base grade, and two additional increments at the senior level.


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