Broome and Derby update

Wednesday 08 Oct 2014

Perth Organiser Vickie McKay visited Broome and Derby this month to see how our northern teams were faring.

She held nine meetings with hospital staff, two meetings with delegates and new delegates, and conducted walk-throughs to seven offsite centres. In total, Vickie met with 43 members and staff, with 8 new members signing up on this trip.

In Broome, she visited Pathwest, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology, Clinical Coders, Medical Records, PATS, Community Health (including a few offsite), Radiology, Mental Health (one onsite; two offsite), Population Health (offsite), Aboriginal Health, Mental Health Recovery Centre, and Pharmacy.

She said there were similar issues to the ones faced in Perth - no relief staff, short-staffed, not filling positions, difficult to get time off, only contracts, all in all leading to a lot of overworked, stressed staff putting in extra, unpaid hours due to cuts.

She also spent a day and a half in Derby, visiting eight different groups and held four meetings, including one offsite at Community Health. Again, the most common issues are leave, relief stress and the lack of replacements.

All in all, it was a successful visit, with Vickie signing up two new delegates, Dayle Hunt from Pathwest Broome and Mark Steicke from Pathwest Derby.

If you are interested in becoming a delegate please contact Vickie McKay:

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