Building strength in the private sector

Monday 26 Nov 2018

The HSUWA are committed to training, mentoring and developing our Workplace Representatives (Delegates) in order to help them achieve the goals of HSUWA members. A union that is active at a grass roots level not only empowers workers but also achieves results.

Being an active Workplace Representative is a uniquely rewarding experience and one that our Workplace Reps say they enjoy. Workplace Representatives are the face and heart of the union and we are pleased to be able to offer them this two day course.

On Day One of our most recent private sector training we explored the skills required for organising a work place. Topics such as holding union meetings, identifying others to help, and handling objections are all covered. In Day Two we get down to the nitty gritty of reading and interpreting the EBA, talking about our values to others, problem solving, and analysis of work place issues. 

The training is interactive and relies on the good humored participation of all Reps attending. Workplace Reps report that it is interesting and beneficial to meet Reps from other employers who work under different EBA’s.  They enjoyed swapping stories, comparing EBA’s, and forging alliances.

Training has had an immediate benefit.  Those attending work for the ‘Big 3’ hospital groups – Ramsays, St John of God and Serco, with whom the Union will be bargaining with for new Enterprise Bargaining Agreements early next year.

At Serco the Workplace Reps identified a need for open channels of communication between members working 24/7 shifts.  At Ramsays, the Reps have made the Union stronger by joining up new members and holding Union meetings in different departments, and discussing the EBA log of claims.  Similarly, at St John of God the Workplace Reps are engaging others by holding Union meetings to talk about their EBA log of claims and what their needs and wants are.

The HSUWA look forward to training more Workplace Representatives (Delegates) in the New Year.  If you or someone you know would like to find out more about making your workplace better, think about becoming a Workplace Representative, call Katrina 0438 151 215 or Susan L’Herpiniere 0400 184 253 or e-mail the Union office at

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