CI-23 - Even Star Wars is finishing sooner than this

Friday 20 Dec 2019

In November we provided an overview of the progress or otherwise of CI-23. Since our last report, we have met with most of the Health Service Providers and have secured stronger commitments on the progress of the initial assessments. We have been strongly advocating that they need be completed this year, but some HSPs will still be going in the new year.

SMHS advise they have assessed 729 employees engaged on Fixed Term Contracts and found 136 eligible for conversion to permanency. SMHS are reviewing those figures currently. Of the members disputing their assessment outcome, most come from SMHS. This has been because some assessments have been needlessly legalistic leading to unfair or impractical outcomes.

NMHS is the least progressed in undertaking the initial assessments and we have not been provided with reliable figures to accurately report to you. The union has been meeting with NMHS on a regular basis, particularly at specific sites and efforts by NMHS have accelerated. While progress is being made, we remain extremely disappointed with the lack of progress by the largest employer. We are also frustrated by some of the illogical decisions made as applying the instruction forces change in areas where there has been a longstanding and systemic reliance on casual employment and rolling fixed-term contracts. We will report directly to NMHS members in the New Year.

EMHS tell us that they are in the process of making offers of permanent employment to 155 employees – made up of 111 Clerical and General and 44 Health Professionals. They are aiming to achieve this by the end of this year.

PathWest advises they have assessed 430 employees and found 193 eligible for conversion to permanency. There are an estimated 40+ still to be determined.

CAHS advise that they have assessed all 471 HSU covered positions and found 85 eligible for conversion to permanency with a further 45 under active consideration.

WACHS have been working through their seven regions one by one. Two areas, Midwest and Wheatbelt are still to be reviewed. They advise that, so far, they have assessed 394 employees. Subject to final checks, 202 are expected to be found eligible for permanency. We understand most offers should be made in January 2020.

HSS advise that they have assessed 142 positions and found 46 eligible for conversion to permanency, with a further 4 employees to be determined.

The running total of employees offered permanency in Health is now approaching 900. This is a significant improvement to the situation a few months ago. There is still more to do before this initial assessment is completed and clearly, without numbers to report yet from North Metro, we would expect the total of employees offered permanency to be in excess of 1,000.

Does this solve the problem of excessive use of fixed-term and casual contracts in Health? Nowhere near. It will nudge the needle in the right direction. There are still thousands of positions which could and should be filled permanently, including positions for permanent relievers.

Should you question your outcome?

If you have been told by your employer that you are not eligible to be made permanent, then you may want to consider investigating it further. We have around 25 members questioning their outcomes at present. As more assessment decisions come out and are disputed, we will report on how fair and accurate the process has been applied.

Remember there is a range of criteria to be met - particularly important to note is that if you have less than 2 years’ service you are not eligible under CI-23. While we know many assessments decisions will stand up, some simply won’t – please question your decision if it doesn’t seem right.

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