Climate Health Report

Friday 04 Dec 2020

The long-awaited WA Climate Health Inquiry conducted by Dr Tarun Weeramanthri was released today. Your union made submissions at the formal hearings to the Inquiry. Some excerpts from the Report are:

It is not unfair to label 2010–2020 a ‘lost decade’ for climate action in the health sector in Australia and Western Australia. This Inquiry has provided evidence of a stalling of activity in monitoring emissions and waste, in policy guidance and research funding. Other initiatives, such as in workforce training or curriculum development, are occurring too slowly to make the needed difference.

Climate science tells us the central truth that we do not have another decade to waste. It is clear that climate action is ‘everyone’s responsibility.’

A traditional ‘call for government action’ is necessary but not sufficient. Top-down, bottom-up and peer-to-peer strategies need to happen simultaneously, and examples of each are provided in this report. Multiple local actions in a system that encourages and supports learning and innovation will be critical.

To read the Climate Health WA Inquiry Final Report, click here.

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