Conversion to Permanency (CI23)

Friday 06 Mar 2020

As the process continues under CI23, some disputes about assessment outcomes have escalated.

The union is currently assisting a group of 16 Security Officers who work at the North Metro Health Services (NMHS). The group is fighting a battle over the interpretation of Commissioners Instruction 23 – Conversion to Permanency (CI23). 

The employer advised the casually employed members that they had met the criteria for CI23 but could not be employed due to no permanently funded positions being available. 

HSUWA has disputed NMHS’s interpretation advising the instruction requires only that the positions can reasonably be expected to be accommodated within the employing authorities’ approved expense limits over the forward estimates period.

We have attempted to resolve the issue with the employer however it was unwilling forcing us to escalate the matter to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission.

The employer requires members to go through a merit assessment in order to rank them for placement in positions as they become available. This process is deeply unfair, and we were able to achieve some changes to this process to make it simpler, but it still isn’t good enough. 

Most of the 16 members have worked full time hours casually for many years (one member more than 10 years!) and have been treated with disrespect by their employer. The union will continue to support the members in their fight.

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