COVID-19 Update: PPE in Western Australia, Westin Hotel Secured for Health Workers

Monday 06 Apr 2020

UPDATE: $5.5 million in Personal Protection Equipment has been secured by the WA State Government.

The PPE for front-line workers was flown into Perth on Saturday and will be dispersed across the state’s health system and to other critical workers.

Premier Mark McGowan said it was headed for both private and public hospitals and was currently being assessed, but it “looks like top quality equipment”.

He said the haul represented at least an additional two months worth of equipment.

Procurement officials had travelled overseas to inspect the equipment at factories and airports before it was flown to WA. 

Meanwhile, the Westin Hotel Perth will be used for health care workers in Perth who need to be quarantined. The hotel is located near Royal Perth Hospital in the CBD. 

The HSUWA has been calling for greater transparency from the state government and health authorities about the current levels of supply and their distribution and use.

The importation of more supplies is very welcome news, however securing PPE supply by domestic manufacturing must be an urgent federal government priority




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