Delegate of the Year 2013

Wednesday 11 Dec 2013

Joshua Fleay has been a HSUWA Delegate at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service since June 2011. In that time Josh actively participated in a very intense enterprise bargaining agreement campaign in which an application for a protected action ballot was lodged and protected industrial action was subsequently taken in the workplace.

Josh organised his members to successfully campaign for a "No" vote when the employer arbitrarily put the agreement out to ballot whilst the negotiations were still ongoing.

During this time the HSUWA lodged an application in Fair Work Australia (FWA) to take protected industrial action. This application was approved and Josh successfully organised his members in the workplace for a "Yes" vote and encouraged members to stand together and take protected industrial action.

As a result of this, the employer made an application to FWA to deal with a bargaining dispute under Section 240 of the Fair Work Act 2009. Josh appeared and represented the members in Conference as part of a conciliated outcome of the bargaining dispute, which resulted in members finally getting a well deserved pay offer.

In mid 2013 the Red Cross made a decision to suspend payroll deductions of membership subscriptions with very little notice. Josh was able to encourage a large number of members to change over to direct debit or another form of payment to ensure the continuation of their Union membership. This task, proved to be a challenge and required discrete follow up with members.  Effectively, when payroll deductions ceased, people had to re-join the Union.

In November 2013 the Red Cross made an announcement that a significant restructure is going to occur with a considerable number of positions being made redundant. Josh has provided constructive support to members, offering advice and information and organising union meetings.

Josh is a Delegate who has the full support and respect of members in his workplace and a thorough appreciation of what his employer is likely to do.

Above all, Josh is a thoroughly decent young man who has a great future as part of the modern face of the union movement.

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