Department of Health EBA Update

Monday 02 Jul 2018

The HSUWA and the Department of Health have concluded negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement with an offer received on 25 June 2018.

The Union’s Committee of Management met on Monday 25 June to consider the offer and resolved:

"That the HSUWA Committee of Management accepts in principle the WA Health letter of offer dated 25 June 2018, subject to the offer being accepted by a ballot of members.

Having considered the current economic environment, government wages policy, wage outcomes in other public-sector Agreements, the terms of the offer and changes proposed the COM resolves to recommend the offer to members."  

The offer includes pay increases, subject to acceptance by a ballot of members, of $1,000 per annum from 1 July 2018 and a further $1,000 from 1 July 2019. (Pro rata for part time employees). The first pay increase will only be paid to employees who are in employment as at the date a new Agreement is registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission. The offer is for a two year agreement expiring on 30 June 2020, the draft salaries schedule can be found here.  

In addition to the wage increases there are new provisions relating to secure employment, contracting out, consultation , and more. 

A summary of the changes included in the offer can be found here. These changes will take effect from the date a new Agreement is registered by the WA Industrial Relations Commission.  

These changes are in response to the Union’s Log of Claims here.

We are organising an electronic ballot of members, as follows:  

  • You will receive a first email which will explain the terms of the proposed agreement, consider the implications of voting yes or no , and provide a recommendation to members. This will also tell you when to expect to receive the ballot and the closing date for the vote.
  • An email ballot will be sent to members.  Please note – if you cannot open the links in this email then you need to contact the union at or 9328 5155 to request a paper ballot to be sent to your home address.  Members who have not provided the union with an email address will be sent paper ballots. If you receive an electronic ballot and cannot vote we will send you a paper ballot.

We are arranging workplace meetings in the Metro area and a teleconference with country members, we will advise separately when we have the dates and venues confirmed.   

You can contact the union office on 9328 5155 or email at if you would like to discuss the offer and its implications for you.

Thank you for your continuing support, I hope to see many of you at the meetings or talk with you in the country teleconference.


Dan Hill


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