EBA 2016 Update (30 May 2016) - Negotiations Progressing

Monday 30 May 2016

Some quick background, the current agreement which covers your pay and conditions expires on 30th June 2016. The last agreement yielded pay increases of 3.75% from 1st July 2014 and 3.5% from 1st July 2015. In January this year we surveyed members online, and then started a round of workplace meetings. This process culminated in a Reps conference at the Perth Zoo in early April which endorsed the log of claims.

The union have received a pay offer from the Department of 1.5% from 1st July 2016, and a further increase of 1.5% from 1st July 2017 and another 1.5% from 1st July 2018.

The Department’s pay offer acknowledges that there are other claims which the union have made, and these are the subject of current negotiations.

While we are working in a difficult negotiating environment, there are a number of no-cost / low cost improvements that can be made to the Agreement and some that are likely to deliver both improvements for members and operational efficiency savings for the employer. In accordance with the member survey outcomes, we are placing emphasis on the claims for secure employment and workload management and a range of other claims that are of particular importance to members.

The negotiations to date have been efficient and reasonably productive. We have now provided the Department with the key proposed changes to the agreement and explained the rationale and justifications for the claims.

The responses to some of the claims have been predictable, the Department say the claims would cost too much and are unaffordable in the current environment. We continue to negotiate!

Our aim is to meet the deadline and maintain an effective date of 1st July 2016 for the next pay increase, and to be able to present a negotiated offer to members which addresses the key issues of maintaining the value of wages, improves employment security and workloads, and meets the reasonable expectations of key groups of members.




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