Election for the Union’s Committee of Management: Why not you?

Friday 25 Oct 2019

Please consider nominating for one of the upcoming vacant positions on the HSUWA Committee of Management.

Like any member run association the HSUWA has a “board of directors” called the Committee of Management (Committee). All Financial Members can nominate for positions on the Committee.

Committee members are elected to 3-year terms with elections for one third of the Committee held each year. The Committee are elected by members who are entitled to vote in elections held by the WA Electoral Commission. HSUWA is a registered organisation under state law.

What’s involved?

The Committee meets approximately every six weeks on a Monday night from 5:30pm to 7.30pm. Meetings are held at the union office at 8 Coolgardie Terrace Perth. A light meal and small meeting attendance fee are provided. (You can also attend the meetings remotely).

Committee members are provided with an agenda, minutes of previous meetings, and any relevant documents, to do with the governance and financial management of the union, for example, union budget, policy affecting members and updates on industrial matters. These are discussed and actions are agreed by the Committee, and then acted on by the paid employees of the union under the direction of the Secretary.

Do I need any special knowledge or skills?

You bring your life experience, knowledge, skills and judgement. Current and past members are from all of the HSUWA’s broad membership, clerks, supervisors, health professionals, technicians and assistants. The Committee works best with input from members across different occupations and backgrounds. It is a collegiate group of like-minded people who generously volunteer their time and work together constructively to help build a bigger and strong union.

What do the different roles do?

The Committee consists of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and nine general Committee Members as well as the paid Secretary. The union’s Rules and the Financial Management Policies and Procedures contain a full description of the roles and responsibilities of the Committee.

The following positions are subject to election this year and nominations close on Thursday 31st October 2019.

1. Treasurer

The Treasurer authorises the payment of all accounts certified by the Secretary and produces for the inspection of the Auditor all books, papers and entries in the Treasurer’s possession whenever required to do so. The Treasurer ensures that all money is paid into the bank to the credit of the HSUWA.

2. Committee Members (3 positions)

Acts as a ‘director’ of the union with the responsibility of ensuring sound governance to achieve member’s goals.

If you are considering being involved but would like to know more, please contact Secretary Naomi McCrae on 9328 5155. Download the election notice

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