EMHS cap on permanent staff abolished in win for workers

Monday 10 Dec 2018

A few years ago, East Metro Health Service imposed an arbitrary cap on the percentage of permanent employees to insecurely employed (fixed-term or casual contracts).

The cap was set at 75% for clinical employees and 65% for non-clinical employees.

We know from the experience of our members that insecure employment is highly detrimental to workplace morale, creating constant anxiety and an ongoing distraction for staff. It also can impact on their capacity to negotiate loans and other financial matters.

Following the sustained efforts of HSUWA member and organisers, the cap at EMHS was lifted in late 2017.

The impact of this victory was far-reaching across the EMHS. The Bentley Speech Pathology team were just one of those who benefited from the outcome, with two Speech Pathologists appointed to the vacant positions within the team.

“Working closely with the Union has meant that all Speech Pathology positions are now permanently filled,” said Amy Allardice-MacKinnon HSUWA workplace representative for Ward 5 Stroke Rehabilitation, Speech Pathology and Dietetics teams.

“Our team is a happy one as we now have improved job satisfaction and guaranteed job security.”

“The benefits of permanent staffing are clear to see: stability within the team enabling us to provide improved continuity of care; more effective strategic planning and being able to deliver a range of service delivery models including group therapy.”

Congratulations to every member who has been made permanent and to the HSUWA members for their resolve and determination in making their workplace better.

Jonathan, Liz (with baby Jack), Amy, and Lauren are permanent employees of the Bentley Speech Pathology team.

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