Fiona Stanley Hospital journey begins

Saturday 04 Oct 2014

Politicians, bureaucrats and health department officials attended the opening ceremony of the Fiona Stanley Hospital and heard Professor Stanley's hopes for the future of the hospital named in her honour.

Indigenous elder Rev Sealin Garlett opened the ceremony with a moving Welcome to Country and spoke about his people's value of acknowledging a journey.

Professor Stanley spoke with great passion and eloquence about the importance of treating every patient as an opportunity to prevent ill-health and the need to deliver health services based on research and data. While she noted the hospital's beautiful surroundings, excellent technology and resources, she said more than anything, it will be the health professionals and support staff who will make the hospital great.

While Minister for Health Dr Kim Hames said it was a proud day for him, he acknowledged the challenges and delays in delivering a large project and said patient safety was central to the decision to delay the opening.

The State Rehabilitation Centre will now take over the care of patients in Shenton Park Hospital. PathWest, Pharmacy and Imaging staff will commence work on Monday. 

The HSUWA would like to congratulate all our members and supporters on the achievement of this significant milestone in the history of WA Health Services and we wish all who work in the hospital the very best.

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