Fiona Stanley workforce planning debacle

Wednesday 03 Jul 2013

The State Government's workforce planning debacle means the opening of the new Fiona Stanley Hospital will be delayed by at least 6 months.

As recently as the 11th of June, employees were being told by the employer's transition team that they had no information on structures and that they were still 'refining the process'. Despite repeated assurances from the Minister and the senior management of the Department that workforce planning was on track it is clear the wheels have fallen off.

Consultation with Allied Health staff has been entirely inadequate.  It is not just that managers and staff are having to consider where they may be working but also how their work will be organised.

From our meeting with the Department's senior transition people, we were left with the impression that they are keen to get rid of the Allied Health departments and introduce program management. This means that all Allied Health staff would be dispersed to multidisciplinary teams.  This leaves open a range of questions about who your manager will be, how you will get clinical support and advice, who will help with professional development, and who will advocate for your profession. We believe that the Department is seeking staff feedback on the proposal. You need to make your views known!

The delayed opening also means that Shenton Park Campus has a reprieve of 6 months.  Members' initial experiences of the transition process have been mixed at best.  The promised deployment pools do not appear to be working as intended and managements at other hospitals seem to want staff to move immediately rather than wait till SPC closes.

We are meeting with senior management in early July and have asked for information about how many staff are on fixed term contracts and where they are.  We will also be getting information out to members about your rights as a fixed term contract employee.

This is an exciting and challenging time of significant changes to our public health system.  You have the best chance of dealing with the changes if you are organised, so contact us on or 9328 5155.

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