HSUWA Branch Elections 2018 - Declaration and Report

Wednesday 08 Aug 2018

The Elections for HSUWA Branch have been declared.

The successful candidates are:

Secretary     Dan Hill
Assistant Secretary Christopher Panizza
President       Cheryl Hamill
Senior Vice President Brendan McKernan
Trustee    David Shaw
Trustee    Sarah Silver

Ordinary Members of Branch Committee

John Shehade

Jonathon Nugent

John Walker

Chris Goodsell

Trish Ward

Zeone Marsh

Cassie Reading

Delegates to National Council

Cheryl Hamill

David Shaw

Chris Panizza

Sarah Silver

Brendan McKernan

John Shehade

A copy of the Declaration letter may be found here.

Post-Election Report

The Branch has not received the post-election report to date.  Once the report becomes available it will be added to this page and published in accordance with regulation 141 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Regulations 2009.

Congratulations is offered to all the successful candidates whom we have now doubt will work hard to ensure that the HSUWA Branch continues to work in the best interests of members.

For more information on the WA Branch Elections go to: Read More

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