HSUWA Members Change State Wages Policy for a Second Time in 12 Months

Sunday 31 Jul 2022

Register for the Public Sector Wages Rally with HSUWA and the Alliance on August 17 here.

From the Secretary

HSUWA Members have led the way in pressuring this State Government to change State Wages Policy for a second time in 12 months.

The new wages policy is significantly better than it was, however it still does not meet our claim.

This morning The Premier/Treasurer and the Industrial Relations Minister have announced that after listening to Public Sector Workers through their Unions, they have updated the State Wages Policy: Updated wages policy to deliver a sector wide, one-off $2,500 cost of living payment, in addition to 3 per cent increases per annum for two years.

HSUWA is yet to receive a formal Offer for a new Agreement. We now expect it to include the revised wages policy and for it to arrive soon. This means that Members will need to consider this wages offer as well as the response to the other conditions HSUWA has claimed - including fairer shift and on call entitlements, paid rest breaks, workplace safety measures, COVID allowance, job security targets, modernising the health professionals classification structure and more.

There will be much to discuss in the coming weeks, including if the Offer for our new Agreement is satisfactory to members.  For those of you at Rockingham, Fremantle and Fiona Stanley, I look forward to discussing with you at our scheduled meeting on Wednesday.  Every member will have an opportunity to have their say on the next steps.

Please note: to date the HSUWA has still not received a formal offer agreement from the department, and Members will proceed with the Public Sector Alliance Rally on 17 August for fairer pay and conditions. You can register here.

You should be proud of this change.  It was the action of Members that won this change.  Being union and taking action matters. 

In Unity,

Naomi McCrae

Secretary HSUWA

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