HSUWA Staff Changes

Tuesday 31 Jul 2018

Members in some Health Services may be seeing different faces from the union from now as some staff changes take effect.

Melissa Wagner, who has been the Health Professionals Organiser, has taken up a secondment to another Union.  Melissa is scheduled to return in January 2019. We wish her well in her new role at the Civil Service Association, and look forward to her return.

In her absence we welcome former Workplace Rep, Rosalie Miles. Rosalie has worked for the last 10 years in various human resource related positions in WA Health, WACHS and most recently in NMHS as a Workforce Planning Consultant , and as an HSUWA Workplace Representative. She has previously worked for over 20 years in various management and research roles in the Federal Public Service.

This staffing change coincides with changes that will be coming with the new EBA, specifically the agreed formal ongoing consultation with Health Service Providers (HSPs). Also, our own member survey late last year concluded that the union needed to be more visible in the workplace, and this has also prompted us to realign our staff roles.

Richard Barlow remains as the Lead Organiser for the Public Sector Team.  Three of our team will now have portfolios allocated to them based on HSPs, and as such each Organiser will now also have Allied Health and Health Science members as part of their portfolio. Their role is to work with and represent members on collective workplace issues.

The ‘Portfolio’ Organisers are:

Patrick Hyslop

  • NMHS
  • HSS
  • South West

Scott Fairclough

  • SMHS
  • Pathwest
  • Northam / Geraldton

Rosalie Miles

  • EMHS
  • CAHS

Vickie McKay

  • WACHS, except for the South West, Northam and Geraldton

Vickie McKay will also be a ‘Site Organiser’ along with Kate Tribble.  You will probably see a fair bit of them around workplaces as their role includes union visibility, member engagement, and identifying members issues. They will share information with the Portfolio Organisers so that we can act on issues for members at the earliest opportunity.

Vickie McKay

Sites:  SMHS +  EMHS except RPH + SCGH + PCH + HSS

Note: Includes any other services within geographical areas of EMHS and SMHS, including WACHS Head Office , Breastscreen etc.

Kate Tribble (0.6 FTE)

Sites:  NMHS except SCGH +  RPH

Note: Includes any other services within geographical area of NMHS.

Our goal with these changes is to improve the focus of our work with members and to make the union more visible and available to members , and potential members.

Each of the ‘Portfolio’ Organisers will be contacting members in their allocated HSPs with updated contact information.

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